Wednesday, July 08, 2015


I have a confession. 
I don't even know where to begin. 
If anyone had asked me about first loves, this would have had to be it. 

I was never struck before this, but it was so sudden and so sweet, it stole my heart away complete. I go soft in the knees. My legs refuse to walk away. You finally came back, from the land of the Rising Sun and like a spitting ball of fire, blinded me from any carby-sugary restraints I was holding back from. 

Bashodo needs no further introduction. Hailing from Osaka, this hundred odd year old establishment has prided itself on using quality bracken and kinako to bring the best to you. I can vouch for that. The soft chewiness and faint sweetness lingers in your mouth in a way that makes you wanting more. A lot more than the 200g box has to offer. This magical concoction has turned into many of my lunches whenever it arrives annually (or is it bi-annually now?) on our shores. It is not often a dessert makes it as a whole meal for me, and I am, admittedly, a very fussy eater. I can't put this love into words. It fails me. 

I put it into my mouth.
But it eats me up inside. 

Try it for yourself. I promise you magic. Take the black sesame, take that willing plunge. 

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